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  • Bitcoin Treasure Hunt Answers

    This blog post contains the answers and code for our Bitcoin Treasure Hunt. We gave away 0.0128 BTC by creating a puzzle with 10 questions, including a few programming challenges. If you got all of the answers correct, the result was the private key for this Bitcoin address: 1FormAP1qhonAfJToRfYZG9QtNeMFxsurL

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  • Bitcoin Treasure Hunt

    To celebrate the launch of our Bitcoin blockchain verification feature, we gave away 0.0128 BTC (worth around $100 USD.) The Bitcoin Treasure Hunt is a puzzle with 10 questions, including some programming challenges.

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  • Better Rails Performance with JSON Patch

    FormAPI is a service that generates PDFs. The backend is written with Ruby on Rails, and the PDF template editor is built using React. We use Postgres, and store the template’s field data in a jsonb column.

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