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  • Python
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  • C#
  • Terminal
import FormAPI from "formapi";

client = new FormAPI.Client();
    test: true,
    data: { first_name: "John", last_name: "Smith" },
    metadata: { user_id: 123 }
  function(error, response) {
    console.log("Download your PDF at: " + response.submission.download_url);
require 'form_api'

client =
response = client.generate_pdf(
  template_id: 'YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID',
  test: true,
  data: { first_name: 'John', last_name: 'Smith' },
  metadata: { user_id: 123 }
puts "Download your PDF at: #{response.submission.download_url}"
import form_api

client = form_api.Client()
submission = client.generate_pdf({
    "template_id": "YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID",
    "test": True,
    "data": { "first_name": "John", "last_name": "Smith" },
    "metadata": { "user_id": 123 }
print("Download your PDF at: %s" % submission.download_url)
$formapi = new FormAPI\Client();
$response = $formapi->generatePDF("YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID",
  new FormAPI\Model\CreateSubmissionData([
    "test" => true,
    "data" => [ "first_name" => 'John', "last_name" => 'Smith' ],
    "meta_data" => [ "user_id" => 123 ]
echo "Download your PDF at: " . $response->getSubmission()->getDownloadUrl();
using System;
using FormApi.Client.Api;
using FormApi.Client.Client;
using FormApi.Client.Model;

public class FormAPIExample
    public void main()
        var formapiClient = new PDFApi();
        var response = formapiClient.GeneratePDF(
            new CreateSubmissionData(
                true,                                            // test PDF?
                new { firstName = "John", lastName = "Smith!" }, // data
                new { userId = 123 }                             // metadata
        Debug.WriteLine($"Download your PDF at: {response.Submission.DownloadUrl}";
curl -s -X POST "$YOUR_TEMPLATE_ID/submissions" \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{"test": "true", \
"data":{"first_name": "John", "last_name": "Smith"},\
"metadata": { "user_id": 123 }}'

PDF Template Editor

No need to tweak x and y in your editor. Drag-and-drop fields using FormAPI's visual template editor, then set data types and conditions.

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Schema Validation

Every template comes with a JSON Schema. API requests are validated against this schema, so you'll never leave a field blank by mistake.

Example Schema

Online Forms

Fill out a web form to generate a PDF.
Embed a form on your own website.
Easily fill out fields with random data to test your template.

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Template Field Types

Field types include: Text, Number, Boolean, Date, Address, Country, Email, URL, Check, Shape, Image, QR code, Barcode, and Electronic Signature.

Fillable PDF Forms

FormAPI supports both fillable and scanned PDFs. We automatically import fields from fillable PDF forms, and imported fields can be modified.

HTML / CSS Templates

Convert HTML to PDF. Use the Liquid markup language to add advanced logic to your templates. Configure layout and styles with SASS.

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FormAPI can send webhooks or post a message to Slack when a PDF is generated. More integrations are coming soon, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Zapier, and IFTTT.

Template Logic

Only display a field if a value matches a condition. Combine values from multiple fields into a single string.


Add calculations to your PDF templates, like an Excel spreadsheet. Just send the required data, and we'll fill out the calculated fields.

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